Finally, I can let go

So you see, I started my transition from a full frame (Nikon FX) to an APS-C (Fuji X) system almost two years ago now and this weekend, I can say I completed that journey after a couple of shots this weekend.


Don’t get me wrong, I have loved shooting the X series since my original X100 and my serious delve into the system with the X – Pro2 and my first of beautiful Fuji glass. The latter occurring after I spent more than a dozen days lugging heavy Nikon FX gear through Thailand and Cambodia. And yes, I read extensively for months about how much the difference was between a full and a cropped sensor. Is saw the comparisons and ‘pixel-peeped’ with the best of them even if that wasn’t my thing.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow I was missing out. I convinced myself it was a downgrade and kept my D800 gathering dust in the closet because of course one day I was going to pick it up when I needed the ‘big gun’. (Spoiler Alert: I never did). I never could get myself to completely part with my full frame system.

That was on till two shots I got this weekend that convinced me that I could truly get everything I wanted from a crop sensor. Yes, I used an insanely fast Zhongyi 35mm f/0.95 manual focus lens but….the sensor proved to me AGAIN, that I wasn’t missing much for my style.